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Sebastian Stan dreams of Dracula's glory

Image In March, Blumhouse announced that Dracula will follow the example of the Invisible Man with a modern interpretation of the film about the bloodsucker. Now filmmaking has been paused, so waiting for other official news about the project is pointless, but the first contender for the count's throne has appeared in the camp of the new Dracula.

In a conversation with reporters, actor Sebastian Stan admitted that he had contacted director Karin Kusama, who would just head the filming of "Dracula", and offered her his candidacy for the lead role in the remake. Stan and Kusama have already worked together on the thriller Time of Vengeance, so the director knows exactly what Sebastian is capable of.

Stan's filmography is very diverse: in it you can find the youth TV series "Gossip Girl", Marvel blockbusters, the drama "Tonya Against All". The actor has proven more than once that he can be devilishly charming and very dangerous at the same time, so Kusama and the Blumhouse management will probably take the name of the first contender on pencil, and as soon as the pandemic ends, they will discuss with Stan his chances in the fight for the role of Count Dracula.

Source: Collider

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