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Sebastian Stan and Denis Gough will play love

Image "The Avengers" star Sebastian Stan and Denis Gough ("The Musketeers") are preparing to star in a new Monday movie, Deadline reported. The director's chair of the project went to the Greek Argiris Papadimitropoulos ("Tan"), and playwright Rob Hayes will help him with writing the script. Responsible for funding are Christos Constantakopoulos (Before Midnight), Damien Jones (The Iron Lady), Brian Cavanagh-Jones (The Other Side) and Fred Berger (La La Land).

The plot of the new film will focus on two reckless Americans who plunged headlong into a romantic relationship in hot Greece. Papadimitropoulos said: “Many people no longer want great and pure love. And this is very sad. Chloe and Mickey's story is an honest look at relationships where everyone can make out something of themselves. I am looking forward to working with Sebastian and Denis. We will be shooting against stunning landscapes and amazing places that I know like the back of my hand. And the producers who have had a hand in creating many of my favorite films will help us in this”.

Among the director's works, the melodrama "Tan" stands out - a full-length film, first shown in Rotterdam, and later taking the award for "Best Film" at the Edinburgh Film Festival.


This year, Sebastian Stan has already managed to fall at the hands of an evil tyrant in the acclaimed "War of Infinity", and soon fans will be able to see him in the thriller "Destroyer" with Nicole Kidman. Denis Gough often appears on the stage, for example, in the play "Angels in America," for which she won a Tony nomination.

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