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Sebastian Stan asked to become Dracula


Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier in the Marvel comic book series, is keen to play Count Dracula in a new project that Universal and Blumhouse Productions are set to launch. As the actor himself admitted in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he made such a request to the movie's director Karin Kusame.

"I already wrote to her about it by e-mail. I said:" You know, I'm from Romania, right? "She replied," Yes, yes, but it's too early now, and there is a pandemic. I hope we'll see you in four years, "he said. Note that Stan and Kusama have already collaborated earlier, the actor starred in her action movie" Time of Vengeance ", released in 2018.

" She was one of the those directors which made me feel absolutely confident, just by that. I think that this was due to the fact that she knew exactly what she wanted from the actor, "Stan said.

We also remind you that Universal studio announced its plans to movie the story of Dracula in March 2020 Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the shooting schedule was not updated, and the project itself was temporarily frozen.

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Author: Jake Pinkman