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Paramount will raise a mysterious monster

Image Studio Paramount is going to invite viewers to the dark world of the post-apocalyptic future. According to Variety , the Hollywood major has acquired the rights to film the novel Borne by American science fiction writer Jeff Vandermeer.

The book will only go on sale next May. Its main character will be the girl Rachel , who has to search for valuable items in the ruins of civilization. Each foray into the nearby metropolis is fraught with great danger, as monsters wander the streets, born as a result of the experiments of a large biotechnological corporation. One day, Rachel finds an amazing green creature, which she decides to make her pet. The girl still does not realize that soon the wonderful animal will take on a completely different appearance ...

The film will be produced by Eli Bush (The Grand Budapest Hotel) and Oscar-winning Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men).


This is not the first time Paramount has partnered with Vandermeer . At the moment, the studio is preparing to release a film adaptation of his novel "Annihilation". Oscar Isaac, Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman starred in Alex Garland's film Out of the Car.

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