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Paramount Studios Dive into the Witchcraft World

Image The film company Paramount Pictures decided to make a pleasant surprise for fans of stories about witches and sorcerers. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Hollywood studio has acquired the rights to film the novel by Zorayda Cordova The Lost Labyrinth "( Labyrinth Lost >).

The main heroine of the book is the 17-year-old New York witch Alejandra Mortis . Although many representatives of the witchcraft world recognize her as the most powerful sorceress of her generation, the girl herself is used to considering her amazing abilities not at all a gift, but a curse. One fine day, Alejandra decides to use a powerful spell to lose her powers forever.

To the dismay of Mortis , the magic spell does not produce the desired result. Instead, right in front of the girl's eyes, her family members begin to disappear one by one. The young witch has no choice but to accept her fate and go in search of her relatives in the mysterious city of Los Lagos ...


As reported, the leadership of Paramount has already begun searching for scriptwriters and producers of the film project. It is possible that the studio may be making plans to create an entire franchise, as Zoraida Cordova is currently working on the second book of the series about the Brooklyn witches.

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Author: Jake Pinkman