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Donnie Darko may return to screens

Image Today, the film " Donnie Darko " has a cult status among moviegoers, but in 2001 it almost lost the opportunity to get into wide distribution. The young director Richard Kelly was unable to find a buyer for his debut film for six months. He was about to sell the thriller on one of the cable channels when Christopher Nolan stepped in. The Briton advised the management of Newmarket Films , which had recently acted as a distributor of his "Remember", to pay attention to the promising film project.

As a result, " Donnie Darko " received a lot of rave reviews in the press, won a special award from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films , and also won the second place in the list of the greatest independent films by version of the magazine Empire .

As is often the case in Hollywood, the budding director had to sell the rights to the franchise to get the film into production. A few years later, they moved on to Silver Nitrate , which decided to film a spin-off of Donnie Darko , dubbed S. Darko ". Kelly not only did not give the go-ahead for the film, but also did not get a chance to look at his script. As a result, the film about the younger sister of the title character of his film came under a flurry of criticism from both film journalists and fans of the original.


In an interview with HMV Kelly admitted that he has a chance to regain control of the franchise and shoot a sequel to one of the most mysterious and extraordinary films in history.

I think you can create a really large-scale project in this MCU, - said the director. -I will need a fairly large budget to implement all my ideas. I will first complete my current projects and then start looking for funds to return to the world of “ Donnie Darko”.


To the disappointment of the fans of Kelly , his career in the world of big cinema was not very successful. Richard 's last film was released in 2009. The psychological thriller "The Package" received controversial press coverage and failed to recoup its $ 30 million budget.

It is possible that the producers would risk giving money for the filming of the sequel to " Donnie Darko " only if Kelly is able to establish himself as a box-office director. “I have several ambitious projects on hand at once, - said Kelly . -The problem is that it takes a lot of time and resources to create each of them. There was a big hiatus in my career, but I'm going to catch up by making several films in a row. I hope I will be able to return to the director's chair this year”.


Kelly hasn't yet revealed whether he hopes to include Jake Gyllenhaal and other stars of the original in the sequel to " Donnie Darko ."

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