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Yip Man will continue to teach Kung Fu

Image The martial arts master Ip Man is ready for new adventures on the big screen! Actor Donnie Yen announced his fourth film about Bruce Lee's famous teacher on his Instagram profile.

I would like to share good news with you, - said Donnie to fans of martial arts films. -My good friend Wilson Ip and I will join forces to work on “ Ip Man 4”.

Wilson has directed all three previous films about the kung fu connoisseur. The franchise was launched in 2008. The Ip Man film did not make it to North American distribution, but managed to earn almost $ 22 million in other countries. This result was quite satisfactory for its creators, who hastened to launch the second part into production. The amount of Ip Mana 2's worldwide fees in 2010 was already $ 49 million . The story of the legend of the world of martial arts also became a hit on DVD, but the audience had to wait for the release of the triquel for five years. Ip Man 3D completed its theatrical release with a result of $ 156.8 million .


The first three parts of the franchise have received a total of thirty nominations for one of Asia's premier cinematic awards, the Hong Kong Film Awards .

The performer of the role of Ip Man has not yet gone into details of the plot of the fourth film in the series. Ian is currently filming the crime drama Dragon Chase, and will be featured on the screens later this year in the blockbuster Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories ".

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Author: Jake Pinkman