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Brett Ratner will do kung fu

Image The American company RatPac Entertainment and the Hong Kong studio Celestial Pictures will join forces to work on an English-language remake of the legendary film " Five Fingers of Death ", also known as " King Boxer ". According to The Tracking Board , the director of the film will be the director of the Rush Hour trilogy Brett Ratner .

The original picture was very popular in Asia, but it acquired a truly cult status after the start of distribution in North America. It is generally accepted that it was after the premiere of " Five Fingers of Death " that a boom of mass enthusiasm for oriental martial arts and kung fu films began in the United States. Chang Ho Cheng's film has also had a significant impact on many famous filmmakers. So, in 2002, Quentin Tarantino admitted that " Five Fingers of Death " is one of his 12 favorite films.

The main character of the original film was a promising martial arts student who fell in love with his mentor's daughter. But he can earn the right to propose to his beloved only if he can defeat the local crime boss at the martial arts tournament ...


James Packer and Agustin Calderon will take over the production functions with Ratner .

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