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Warrior's Path

Image The company of the famous film and television producer Mark Gordon ("Saving Private Ryan") decided to tell the audience the life story of one of the best friends of the legendary Bruce Lee. According to The Hollywood Reporter , The Mark Gordon Company has begun work on a tape about the actor, stuntman and martial artist Dan Inosanto .

Inosanto entered the sport at the age of 11. In his youth, he traveled extensively around the world, studying various fighting styles. The meeting with Bruce Lee turned out to be truly fateful for Dan . Experts in martial arts became sparring partners and willingly shared the secrets of their skills with each other. So, it was thanks to Dan Bruce that he learned to masterfully handle nunchaku.

Inosanto made history as one of three instructors that Lee allowed to teach people his martial arts system. After the tragic death of a friend, Dan continued his work to popularize jeet kune-do.


At Inosanto School, you can also learn Filipino martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and many other martial arts. Many celebrities have trained under Dan , including Oscar-winning Forest Whitaker and Denzel Washington.

According to insiders, a special emphasis in the plot of the yet unnamed tape about Dan Inosanto will be placed on one of the most curious facts of his biography. In the mid-70s of the last century, the fitness coaches of the Dallas Cowboys National Football League team turned to a martial artist for help. In 1972, the Dallas club won the Super Bowl, but in subsequent seasons, its athletic performance declined. As soon as Inosanto developed a new training system, the Cowboys regained their confidence and with it the title of the best team in the NFL.


The biopic was written by aspiring Hollywood writer Jeremy Gough. The film's production team will include Mark Gordon , Matt Jackson (Patrol) and Dan Inosanto's daughter , Diana Lee.

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