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Justin Lin Realizes Bruce Lee's Dream


The creator of several movies from the Fast and the Furious series, Justin Lin, realizes the dream of the legendary martial artist and popular actor Bruce Lee. According to Geek Tyrant, he will direct a television series based on Lee's ideas, sketches and concept.

Bruce Lee is said to have been developing a project called Warrior in the last years of his life. The materials were discovered by his daughter Shannon just a few years ago. For the show, Justin Lin will work with her and the Bruce Lee Enterprises Foundation, which controls the actor's legacy.

"I have always had great respect for Bruce Lee and his efforts to pave the way for Asian cinema and moviemakers worldwide. entertainment industry ", - commented Justin Lin. It is assumed that the project will take place in the middle of the 19th century in the war-torn Chinatown of San Francisco. The main character will be a young master of martial arts who emigrated from China, who is becoming one of the most dangerous hired killers working for the influential criminal community.

The terms of work and the possible premiere schedule of the series "Warrior" at the time of this writing were not specified .

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Author: Jake Pinkman