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Casting: A Fake Writer and a Love Tale

Image As the website Deadline found out, Diane Kruger ("Troy") has joined the cast of the film JT Leroy from director Justin Kelly ("My name is Michael "). The film, based on true events, will focus on two women who created the image of the child prodigy writer J.T. Leroy . For six years, they managed to hide the true identity of the author, deceiving the literary community and the Hollywood elite.

The cast of the tape already includes Kristen Stewart and Laura Dern. The latter will play Laura Albert - the alleged benefactor of Leroy , who in fact was the author of all the books. The star of the Twilight franchise got the role of Samantha Knoop , disguised as a guy and posing as Leroy . As for Kruger , she will have to embody the image of the French actress Eve , who fell in love with the writer and invited him to Paris to help with the creation of the biopic.

Soon Diane Kruger will appear at the Cannes Film Festival - the actress played in the drama "Out of Nowhere", participating in the Main Competition .


Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, The Way) and Jane Lynch (The Losers) have agreed to take part in the filming of the psychological thriller The Killing Kind , scripted by John-Mile Powell. He also plans to lead work on a film about family, hostility, retaliation and an irresistible urge to violence.

The project will take place in a quiet southern town where Lucas ( Paul ) is trying to live right. However, the hero's moral convictions are tested for strength when a member of another family kills his bride, forcing Lucas to take the path of revenge.


David Dastmalchyan and Iddo Goldberg will also take part in the filming. There is no information about their heroes yet, only their names are known - Sid and So , respectively. Jane Lynch won the role of a woman named Darlene .

Rosamund Pike will play the scientist Maria Sklodowska-Curie in Radioactive , based on Lauren Redniss . The work was adapted by one of the most popular British authors today, Jack Thorne ("How I Love Now"), and the director's chair of the project is assigned to Mariana Satrapi ("Persepolis").


The tape will represent the fabulous life story of Pierre and Marie Curie . They met in Paris and fell in love. On their honeymoon, the couple went on bicycles. They expanded the periodic table by discovering two new elements and ushered in a new era in science. Pierre and Marie received the Nobel Prize . The newspapers literally mythologized their love story, and every article about the Curies couple began like a fairy tale. But in 1906 Pierre fell victim to a tragic accident, and Marie continued to work alone ...

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