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The woman who started the war

Image Today, Elena the Beautiful from "Troy","that-beautiful-actress-agent"from "Inglourious Basterds", as well as a performer of more than 30 roles in the popular and author's cinema - Diane Kruger .

As a child, Diane often changed her place of residence, including because of her hobbies, the main of which was ballet. Her parents supported her endeavors, and so the girl, who was born in Germany, first moved to the capital of Great Britain, where she learned English and entered the Royal School of Ballet in London. However, her childhood dream was not destined to come true - Diane was injured and could no longer practice this art, but, in her own words, ballet taught her that any success is achieved only by hard work. Most likely, if not for the sad incident, we would not have congratulated her today as one of the most famous and attractive actresses of our time.


Thanks to her outstanding appearance, Kruger began to build a career in the modeling business. Since the mid-90s, she has advertised products for many fashion brands from Chanel to Dolce & Gabbana . The next important city in the life of the actress was Paris. It was here that she got her first serious job, did not pass the casting for "The Fifth Element", but began taking acting lessons on the advice of Luc Besson, while studying French. The logical consequence was her debut in French cinema. She played her first notable role in the film "As You Say" directed by Guillaume Canet.


Kruger received the Chopard Company Award for Best Young Actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2003, she continued to act in European cinema and in this part of the world has already become a celebrity when in her creative life burst into great Hollywood success. With her roles in the neo-ash "Troy" and the action adventure "Treasure of the Nation" she has earned critical acclaim and audiences around the world. Today, Kruger remains a truly international actress, starring in completely different films: American, European, blockbusters and independent films. In her filmography, such films as "Mr. Nobody" and "Inglourious Basterds" coexist with the American version of the popular detective series "The Bridge" ( The Bridge ). Excellent knowledge of languages allows her to voice her heroines in English, German and French versions of films.


In a recent interview with Town & Country the actress not only spoke frankly about her work, but also about her support for the fashionable American movement for equality, and, strictly speaking, is a feminist: “I still get fewer of my filming partners ... And, of course, they called me a bitch or someone with whom it is difficult to work when I brought up this topic. Sometimes they even questioned my understanding of the situation”.

The birthday girl has several more projects in production ahead, so that soon we will be able to enjoy her game on the big screens again. In addition, the preparation of the National Treasure triquel was recently announced, which is unlikely to do without its main actress.

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