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Martin Freeman to follow Diane Kruger

Image The cast of the spy thriller "Operative" with Diane Kruger in the title role continues to grow. Only recently we reported that one of the roles was received by the star of the series "Expansion" Kas Anwar, and now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, another favorite of TV lovers has signed his contract - Martin Freeman, known for the role of Dr. Watson from the British "Sherlock" ".

In the story, high-profile spy Rachel (Diane Kruger) is hired by Israeli intelligence Mossad to send her to Tehran for an important undercover mission related to Iran's nuclear program. No one knows where Rachel is until she calls Thomas with a cryptic message, because of which he will have to urgently leave Germany and go to Israel. Soon, the operation of the protagonist will be under threat, as will her life, and the character of Martin Freeman will have to track every step of his ward so that she does not do things and stay alive.

The director and screenwriter of "Operative" is Yuval Adler ("Bethlehem"). As a basis for the plot, he took the book "Teacher of English" by Iiftah Reicher Atir, written on the real stories of the Mossad mercenaries. Filming will start in Israel next month, then production will move to Germany and Bulgaria.


In addition to his role as Watson, Martin Freeman is known to the general public for his filming in the Hobbit franchise, as well as in the TV series Fargo and Startup.

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