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Casting: Krueger Witch and Holocaust Architect

Image At the end of May, for her role in the film "At the Limit" Diane Kruger won the prize of the Cannes Film Festival , and now the actress will add another promising drama to her track record. According to the website The Hollywood Reporter , Kruger has joined the cast of a new film by Robert Zemeckis, which has not yet been officially named.

The film will be based on the documentary Marvenkol and will tell the story of a man who builds a miniature version of a Belgian village during the Second World War in the backyard of his house. Steve Carell will play the main character, who is thus trying to cope with psychological trauma.

Zemeckis plans to recreate on the screen a whole fantasy village, which became a refuge for Mark Hogankamp. It will be inhabited by the alter ego of people from the real world, and Kruger will play the role of Deji Thoris - the Belgian witch who brings the hero Karella back to life every time the Nazis kill him.

Filming for the drama will begin in the fall and will also feature Leslie Mann, Janelle Monet and Aiza Gonzalez. And if the last two are residents of a fictional village, then Mann will play a woman from the real world who will take an interest in the protagonist's unusual hobby.


MGM has hired Ben Kingsley (Schindler's List) to play Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in Operation Finale , where the actor will accompany Oscar Isaac .

The director's chair of the project will be taken by Chris Weitz (Golden Compass), and the thriller will focus on the hunt for Eichmann - the so-called "Holocaust architect" who organized the transportation of Jews to concentration camps. When the Second World War came to an end, he went to his native Austria, and then hid in Argentina. In 1960, Adolf was caught by Mossad intelligence agents, taken to Israel, where he was convicted of war crimes and executed. Oscar Isaac previously played the role of Peter Malkin , who led a group of agents looking for Eichmann .


Timothy Hutton ("Impact") will go to the set of Ridley Scott's new film, the drama All the Money in the World . Based on true events, the thriller will focus on the kidnapping of Jean Paul Getty III - the grandson of one of the richest men in the world. Hatton got the role of Getty Sr. attorney. The oil tycoon refused to pay the ransom for his grandson and in the end lent only a fraction of the amount, and then as a loan to his own son. The guy returned home, but his mental health was irreparably damaged. Also in the cast of the tape are Kevin Spacey, Michelle Williams, Mark Wahlberg and Charlie Plummer.

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