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The Ghostbusters Retired

Image Just a couple of years ago, Sony was planning truly Napoleonic plans for the Ghostbusters franchise. In addition to the film about a team of supernatural creatures hunters, the Hollywood studio was working on a full-length cartoon, an animated series and a film about a male team of ghost fighters.

To the disappointment of the major bosses, the plan to reboot the famous movie series ended in failure. Last summer, the new Ghostbusters managed to raise only $ 229 million at the worldwide box office from a production budget of $ 144 million . Considering that the studio invested at least another $ 100 million into the blockbuster advertising campaign, financial analysts had every right to call Paul Fig's film one of the most disastrous Hollywood film projects of 2016.

Although the director and the leading characters in Ghostbusters had signed contracts for three films at once, it became clear that the studio was unlikely to dare to invest in a sequel. In a new interview with the British TV show Sunday Brunch , the creator and producer of the film series Dan Aykroyd confirmed the fears of fans of last year's blockbuster, and also named the main culprit of the reboot failure.


In my opinion, the actresses did a great job, - noted Dan . -I liked the film, but it was too expensive for the studio to produce. Sony bosses don't like to lose money. Although the film grossed quite an impressive amount at the worldwide box office, due to the huge budget, it failed to reach the level of self-sufficiency. Unfortunately, the studio found it economically impractical to shoot the next film. Paul Fig has spent too much money. We offered him to shoot some interesting scenes, but he did not want to listen to us. However, already during the test views of the feed, it became obvious that new fragments urgently needed to be added to it. As a result, Fig spent about $ 30-40 million on additional filming. I think he will not be given a new pass to the pavilions of the studio Sony soon. "

The audience had a lot of questions for the director long before the release of his brainchild on the cinema screens. Fig began to irritate fans of the film series during the promo campaign of the new " Hunters ", when he began to call everyone who criticized his film sexist .


The angry tirade of Aykroyd against Fig was cut from reruns of the British program, but by that time the words of the producer had already been circulated in the press. Based on a candid interview with Dan , Sony management has decided to completely abandon the idea of turning the story of the adventures of ghostbusters into a trilogy.

The fate of the rest of the MCU projects is still in question. Sony bosses disowned the film about the new men's team of hunters just a couple of days after the failed start of the film Fig at the box office, saying that it was only in preliminary consideration.


Fans of the franchise can only hope that Sony will be able to recover from the failure of last year's “ Ghostbusters ” with their animation projects.

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Author: Jake Pinkman