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Ghosts of all countries, unite!

Image It seems that the failure of the " Ghostbusters " reboot split the creators of the famous film series into two camps. Earlier this week, Dan Aykroyd admitted that Sony is unlikely to dare to invest in the production of a sequel to last year's film about the female team of ghost hunters. It has now become known that another producer is a little more optimistic about the future of the MCU.

The director of the original Ghostbusters , Ivan Reitman was interviewed by the hosts of the Super News Live podcast, in which he shared his thoughts on how to revive the franchise. “We are currently discussing the concept of the next film with Sony management, Ivan admitted. -I think the fans of the film series would not mind if we combined the worlds of the reboot and the original dilogy. Last year, many viewers did not like that these tapes were not linked. ”

Reitman hasn't yet revealed exactly how the studio hopes to provide a link between the acclaimed '80s films and the franchise reboot. After several original actors received cameos in last year's blockbuster, trying to combine the heroes of old and new " Hunters " will look strange to say the least.


Reitman also has a plan in case the Sony bosses finally give up on the idea of giving a second chance to the female huntress team. The director believes that the rapidly growing Asian film market could come to the rescue of the franchise. The new version of " Hunters " really enjoyed success in Asia. For example, Japanese viewers contributed almost $ 12 million to the $ 144 million blockbuster. Outside the US, the film only made more money in the UK. It should be noted, however, that " Ghostbusters " were left out of the Chinese box office. It is possible that with the help of spectators from the Celestial Empire, Paul Fig's tape could approach the level of self-sufficiency.

Our films do not have to be set in New York, noted Reitman . -It would be interesting to see Korean or Chinese ghosts. All over the world there are interesting myths about supernatural beings. We could make films about international teams of ghost fighters reporting to the headquarters in New York. "


Based on the latest news from Hollywood, Sony has little idea of where the franchise should take. Fans of " Ghostbusters " can only hope that in the end the studio leaders will still be able to draw up a worthy plan for the further construction of their universe.

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Author: Jake Pinkman