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Vin Diesel will save young veterans

Image In addition to continuing to star in successful film franchises, Vin Diesel is planning to leave a mark on television history. In December, Diesel One Race Television entered into an agreement with Universal Television , and the first result of their joint cooperation was to be a television spin-off "The Chronicle of Riddick ". The informational site Variety managed to find out that Diesel is preparing another series, called First Responders .

According to the source, the new drama is being worked on by NBC .The project is described as a dynamic, action-packed procedural about young veterans who try to re-integrate into society and continue to save the lives of civilians. The heroes are part of an elite team led by Doc and Lily Piers . The married couple has become a real family and support for the former military. However, despite all the achievements of Doc and Lily , they still cannot solve the mystery of the disappearance of their own son and are ready to do anything to get him back home.

Diesel will executive produce the show with Samantha Vincent (Riddick) and Brad Peyton (San Andreas Rift). The latter will also lead the filming of the drama. Jesse Stern (NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service / NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service ) is working on the script for the series.


In November, the drama "Billy Lynn's Long Walk at Half-Time Football Match" will be released with the participation of Diesel , and next year the actor can be seen in the blockbusters "XXX: World Domination" and "Fast and Furious 8" ...

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