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Riddick to get a sequel and spin-off

Image In 2014, a year after the premiere of the blockbuster " Riddick ", the star of the Vin Diesel franchise told fans that Universal was thinking about creating the fourth part of the film series ... Since then, there has been no more news about the project, but now Diesel has shed light on the future of the sequel. According to him, not only another film about Riddick is under development, but also a spin-off of the franchise in the form of a television series.

“We just celebrated the founding of our production company’s television division. The spin-off of Merc City is a show that revolves around mercenaries and bounty hunters from the Riddick universe. And already next month, David Tui will begin work on the script for the fourth film, titled The Chronicles of Riddick: Furia ", - wrote Diesel on social networks.

There are no details about the plot of the film and the series yet. It is also unknown if Vin Diesel himself will appear in the new show.


David Tui directed and wrote all the previous parts of the franchise, and also managed to shoot two short cartoons about Riddick . All the films in the series performed average box office results, grossing a total of $ 267 million , but the franchise has grown to cult status since Black Hole was released in 2000.

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Author: Jake Pinkman