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Filming schedule for the third Riddick announced


The shooting of the third movie about the adventures of Riddick with the tentative title The Chronicles of Riddick: The Adventures of a Dead Man start in September 2011. This is reported by Variety, as an addition to the news that Vin Diesel will star in an unnamed thriller by the writers of the movie `` Unknown ''. Filming of the third `` The Chronicle of Riddick '' will be held in Canada.

Earlier, Diesel said that the timing of work on the project has not yet been determined, as the movie studio seeks to reduce the costs of the project.

Based on the plot, which was announced on one of the presentations, not all necromongers recognized Riddick's power, and, tired of fighting off the killers sent by the opposition, Riddick concludes an agreement with Vaako: he cedes supreme power to him, and for this Vaako delivers him to the home planet of Riddick. Vaako agrees, but on the way the ship crashes, and Riddick finds himself alone on an unfamiliar planet inhabited by nightmarish creatures like `` mud demons. ''

However, Diesel himself and director David Tui claimed that the work on the script is still underway, so the plot may still change.

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Author: Jake Pinkman