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Vin Diesel will box on NBC

Image Vin Diesel has already built a successful acting career, and in recent years he appears more and more only in large-scale franchises like "Fast and the Furious" and "Three X's". However, Diesel is now also trying his hand at being a television producer, which is facilitated by the deal concluded by One Race with Universal TV.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Fast and the Furious star has sold his new project to NBC. The series is a sports drama set in Chicago. A seedy boxing gym serves as a second home for kids from a disadvantaged area, and suddenly they have an ally in the person of Sonya, a single mother from the suburbs, who has found a new purpose in life.

Virgil Williams will co-produce the show with Diesel and write the script for the project. Williams's track record includes many well-known TV series, such as Ambulance and 24 Hours, as well as Rule of Law, which existed for one season. Virgil is now preparing for the premiere of his first tryout in film - the historical drama Mudbound Farm.


Despite a decent list of full-length merit, Vin Diesel has previously produced only a web series about the life of bouncers. However, among the future developments of One Race, there are reboots of the crime dramas Miami Police. Department of Morals "and" Win Christy's Love ".

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