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Gorgeous party. Gracefield Horror Trailer

Image A group of friends gathers in a country house in anticipation of a chic weekend - horror fans are familiar with this simple plot plot. In films of this genre, weekends, unfortunately for the participants in the events, are not always fun, but, to the delight of the audience, are always memorable.

The project Gracefield from debutant director Mathieu Ratha will not be an exception, and today we can evaluate his dubbed trailer for the originality of those terrifying surprises that await the naive protagonists in a luxurious hut somewhere in the mountains.

According to the plot of the pseudo-documentary tape, the developer of video games Matthew Donovan inserts an iPhone camera into his prosthetic eye and calls friends to a party, the details of which he intends to record with a high-tech eye - as a keepsake. However, the fall of a meteorite near the gathering place disrupts all plans of the company. As a result, hooligan antics of creepy aliens, crop circles and strange things happening in the thickets of corn become an excellent addition to beer pong, poker and night swimming. The children will be able to watch the resulting video on long winter evenings. More precisely, those of them who manage to survive in this meat grinder ...

Mathieu Rathy wrote the script of the film himself and played the main role in it. Also in Gracefield were Alex S. Nati, Juliette Gosselin, Kimberly Laferrier and Laurence Dauphinais.

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The USA viewer will be able to visit the ominous hut in the mountains from July 27.

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