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Explosive Theron and Fatal Farrell: Watch This Week

Image The last week of July will be generous with new items for the widest range of viewers. Spy thriller, auteur films, biography of the legendary musician, “found tapes” ... And that's not all. Each viewer will find something to see, regardless of how he relates to Charlize Theron.

The tape "Explosive blonde" tells about the agent MI6 , who is sent to Berlin to disclose and destroy a spy organization. The film is notable primarily for the cast: Charlize Theron , James McAvoy, John Goodman, Til Schweiger. Trailers hint that it will be very boring.

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Western critics rate the cinema positively, but Charlize , who has opened her breath like an “action” after filming Mad Max, is always pleasant to watch. Now she often exploits the image of a strong, independent and murderous woman. And we, the audience, are happy about it.

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Sofia Coppola has long proved that the shadow of the great father did not prevent her from growing into an independent Author, in whose works the presence of the mighty Francis Ford can be seen only with a very strong desire. Her new tape "Fatal Temptation" tells the story of a wounded soldier who found shelter in a women's boarding house. The film received this year the prize of the Cannes Film Festival for Best Director, and the presence of Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst in the cast simply obliges you to find out for yourself what is so fatal in this temptation.

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Tupac Amaru Shakur is not just an iconic figure in the hip-hop world, but legendary. More than twenty years have passed since the death of the actor and musician, and interest in his work does not fade away. The filmmakers of 2pac: The Legend offer viewers a detailed story about the kind of person Tupac was: what he wanted and what he feared. Two years ago, the biopic "Voice of the Streets", in the center of the plot of which was the hip-hop group NWA , showed itself well both at festivals and in wide distribution. As for the biopic of Tupac Shakur , Western critics are not yet very flattering about the new biopic.

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The technique used by Harold Ramis in Groundhog Day will not give rest to other directors for a long time, confident that they, too, have something to say in the conditions of a looped day. A few years ago, Edge of the Future was released, the film Happy Day of Death will open in October, and The Matrix of Time starts this week, the main character of which lives her last day over and over again. Despite the already familiar trick, the presence of Zoey Deutsch in the foreground sets up a positive mood. And overseas (according to the aggregators of reviews and ratings Rotten Tomatoes and CinemaScore ) viewers rate the tape mostly positively.

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Also next week you will be able to watch the next "found tape" called Gracefield . Six friends decided to spend the weekend outside the city. According to the laws of the genre, it was at this moment that a burning flying saucer flew over them. The main characters couldn't think of anything better than to go and see what it was. There are no star faces in the cast, so the distributors decided to make do with comparisons. All promo materials include films such as "Monstro" and "Cloverfield 10" in capital letters. Whether Gracefield has truly become a worthy successor to these masterpieces, or whether the ingenuity of the marketers has surpassed the director's, will become clear after watching.

Next week distributors will offer young viewers the animation “Become a Legend! Bigfoot the Younger about the teenager Adam , who goes in search of his father and discovers his connection with the mythical forest creatures. The tape "My Angel" from the homeland of Lelouch and Chabrol tells an unusual love story between a blind girl and an invisible youth. And the USA documentary Coming Out explores all the facets of extreme base jumping.

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