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These people came to him. Trailer for the horror ”Mom!”

Image Darren Aronofsky is one of those whose new works never go unnoticed, whether it's a tense psychological thriller about ballerinas or a biblical epic. This time, the director decided to practice the genre of horror, using a story familiar to all fans of horror stories about a house with unpleasant surprises. From the dubbed trailer, it is not yet very clear what the mother mentioned in the title of the film has to do with it, but we can say with certainty that this will not be another stereotyped horror movie that viewers will forget the next day after watching.

So, "Mom!" , declared as a psychological horror, tells the story of a married couple living in a pretty mansion. She is young, beautiful, naive and confident that this house will look like paradise, if you just put it in order. He is clearly older and clearly not very happy with the fact that everything in the house has been rebuilt to the last nail. Once a strange stranger appears on their doorstep, then a stranger, then some other people, and it started: the mansion suddenly began to bleed, the beloved husband frowned and announced that these people had come to him, and the guests themselves began to behave strange and frightening ...

Darren directed the film according to his own script, inviting honored film stars - Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, Ed Harris, as well as Oscar-winning 26-year-old Jennifer Lawrence for the main roles. Judging by the trailer, one of the main elements in the film will be an ominous soundtrack, reminiscent of the grinding of a rusty fork on a plate ...

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In our cinemas, the audience will start screaming in horror"Mom!"from September 14 .

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