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Eat local. Natural Ghouls Trailer

Image As Daredevil prepares for its third season, moviegoers can watch Charlie Cox on the big screen. This fall, the comedy horror film Natural Ghouls will open in our cinemas, in which he plays one of the main roles along with such familiar to TV fans as actors like Mackenzie Crook (Almost Human), Freema Ajeman (The Eighth Sense) and Tony Curran ( "Unruly land").

Jason Fleming was responsible for the production of the tape, which was originally called "Eat Local". Starting in the 80s of the last century, he built an acting career, and now he decided to debut as a director. The horror film was written by Danny King (Wild Bill).

In the center of the plot is a group of British vampires who meet every 50 years in a forest house to discuss their affairs and just have a good time. This time a newcomer is on the agenda - a young man named Sebastian, who does not yet know where he got to and how it will all end for him. However, the party will not go according to plan, not only for the naive guy, but also for the bloodsuckers themselves. The house is surrounded by a special squad to fight vampires, and soon the unfortunate ghouls will begin to be taken by storm. Of course, they are not going to surrender without a fight.

Dubbed trailer

On November 9, USA viewers will be able to watch the film, which has earned a nomination for the award of the Brussels Fantasy Film Festival in the category "Best European Film".

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