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Real werewolves

Image The name of screenwriter and director Taiki Waititi became known to a wide audience three years ago, when his comedy horror film "Real Ghouls" was released. The low-budget Wellington vampire film earned rave reviews from critics and quickly gained cult status among moviegoers. Quite naturally, the heads of leading Hollywood studios immediately drew attention to the talented New Zealand film maker. Waititi's first high-budget project was the superhero thriller Thor: Ragnarok. The film has already received many positive reviews in the press and has every chance to earn at least $ 100 million for the opening weekend in the North American box office.

It is obvious that in the coming years Waititi will often receive offers to work on expensive blockbusters. However, the director himself is not averse to returning to the world of low-budget cinema. In a conversation with the hosts of BUILD Series, Taika admitted that he has already begun writing the script for the sequel to Real Ghouls.

"A group of werewolves will be at the center of the story this time,," said the filmmaker. -I will be sharing the director's chair with my friend Jemaine Clement again. I'm only afraid that the audience will have to wait seven years for the new film, because Jamein and I are very slow in writing the scripts. We usually keep in touch by email. As a result, it all ends with the fact that we start sending each other one line of dialogue once a month. To script the Real Ghouls It took us six years.


Waititi is famous for his unique sense of humor, and therefore fans of the original film should take his words about the timing of the work on the text of the sequel to the horror comedy as a joke. At the same time, Taika and Jamein Clement are unlikely to be able to launch the project into production in the very near future. The first is currently taking part in the Ragnarek promo tour, and the second is on the set of the next season of the popular Legion telecomic strip.


Earlier it became known that the universe of "Real Ghouls" will also be replenished with a comedy series, which is being worked on by the New Zealand channel TVNZ 2.

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