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Sony will create its own IT

Image First, "Mysterious Events" became a real phenomenon of pop culture, and now "It" terrorizes the audience, updating the box office records every week. Not surprisingly, a story with a similar plotline caught the attention of another major Hollywood studio.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has acquired the rights to the project, which will be based on Dan Simmons' book "Summer of Night". The scriptwriter of the future tape is Ben Poole, and the director is Isaac Esban. Both are still unknown to the general public, but Esban has already shot several films in Mexico and is now finishing work on his first English-language project, the sci-fi drama Parallel.

There are similarities between Summer of the Night and Stephen King's It, the same group of small-town teenage children fighting evil. It was summer 1960 in Elm Haven, Illinois. Five 12-year-old boys form a strong friendship, and their days are quite common for this age: cycling at sunset, secret meetings in the woods. But soon this idyll comes to an end. One day in the middle of the night, an ancient bell rings, and the townspeople realize that carefree days are in the past. In the old school, evil wakes up and horrible events become part of everyday life. Then the main characters decide to free the city from the ancient curse, but for this they will have to start a bloody war with a vile creature - the lord of the night ...


The name of Dan Simmons is well known to fans of science fiction: the cycle "Songs of Hyperion" belongs to the writer. Until this moment, the author's works did not reach the screens, although very soon the AMC channel should present the first series based on the novel by Simmons "Terror".

Since Summer of Night is the beginning of a series of books, if the first film is successful, Sony will be able to create a franchise based on them. Ehren Krueger (Scream 4) and Daniel Bobker (The Brothers Grimm) will be producing the new project.

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Author: Jake Pinkman