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Warrior can return to screens

Image In 2011, the sports drama " Warrior " received rave reviews from critics, but failed to recoup its $ 25 million budget. As is often the case, the film by Gavin O'Connor began to gain wide popularity in the circles of moviegoers after it was released on digital media. A significant role in the growth of the popularity of the DVD edition of the film was played by the fact that in January 2012 the Academy Award nominated Nick Nolte for the " Oscar " Warrior "supporting role.

Currently O'Connor is involved in a promotional campaign for his crime drama "Payback". In an interview with Screen Rant , the director unexpectedly admitted that he is considering filming a sequel to Warrior .

"The actors and I have already discussed the prospects for a sequel," said Gavin . -This film holds a special place in my heart, because no other work of mine has gained such an impressive army of fans. I am grateful for their support and attention. When I first started filming “ Warrior ”, ultimate fighting still wasn't as popular as it is today. Perhaps this story can be continued ”.


In the center of the plot of the original tape were brothers Tommy and Brendan Conlon , who became rivals in a mixed martial arts tournament. Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo and other actors were on screen for Nolte .

Fans of " Warrior " can only hope that the sequel will not only successfully go to work, but will also be able to avoid the fate of the first film, which was not lucky enough to get a domestic remake.


USA viewers will be able to rate the work of Gavin O'Connor on the action-packed " Payback " on November 3 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman