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Hour of Reckoning for Suicides

Image The long search for a director for the second Suicide Squad is finally over. According to the portal Variety , studio Warner Bros. invited Gavin O'Connor ("The Warrior") to write the script for the sequel, but negotiations are underway about for a filmmaker to lead the blockbuster.

Shazam will go into production next, and Suicide Squad 2 is the second project of the DC universe, on which work should begin in 2018. WB does not plan to start filming until the fall, but the major wants the sequel script to be ready as early as possible. This is how the studio tries to protect itself from the problems of the first part, when the text edits were made right during the filming.

Before inviting O'Connor , the WB bosses considered many other candidates. First, the studio turned to Mel Gibson, and then Jaume Collet-Serra was considered the main contender for the director's post, who eventually chose to work with Disney . Also on the list of potential directors were Jonathan Levin, Daniel Espinosa and Ruben Fleischer. Gavin O'Connor already has a successful collaboration with WB : last year his thriller "Reckoning" unexpectedly hit the box office, and now the director is working on a sequel to the film with Ben Affleck.


It is not yet clear when the shooting of the second Suicide Squad will begin. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto should return to their roles, and a lot depends on their work schedules. Smith is currently filming the new Aladdin and plans to implement Gemini Man ( Twin *), and Robbie and Summerwill be featured in Sirens of Gotham City and a separate movie about Harley and Joker .

* - preliminary translation.

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