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DC Villains Await The Shallows Director

Image One of the most anticipated projects of the MCU DC is considered to be the sequel to the blockbuster " Suicide Squad ". Although the first film about a team of supervillains was not a critical success, it managed to empty the pockets of viewers for $ 745 million and prove that the franchise has good prospects for further development.

At the end of last year it became known that director David Eyre, who was entrusted with the creation of the Sirens of Gotham City film comic strip, will not return to work on the second part. The names of Ruben Fleischer, Daniel Espinosa and Jonathan Levin were named among the main contenders for the place of the director of " Suicide Squad 2 ". Mel Gibson was considered the main favorite of the studio Warner Bros. , but due to the delay in the work on the film script, he chose to switch his attention to other projects.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Spaniard Jaume Collet-Serra is now considered the main candidate for the post of director of the super-villainous blockbuster, whose track record includes films such as "Unknown." "Air Marshal" and "Shallow".


This spring, Adam Kozad began writing the script for " Suicide Squad 2 ". Judging by the information of Hollywood insiders, the ideas of the author of the plot of the films “Tarzan. The Legend ”and“ Jack Ryan: Chaos Theory ”did not impress the WB leadership too much. Rumor has it that studio bosses may prefer not the text of Kozad , but a completely new script application by Zach Penn ("The Avengers").


Filming for the second installment of Suicide Squad is expected to begin in the middle of next year. The date of the blockbuster premiere has not yet been announced.

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