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Death's Iron Grip

Image Emma Berkvist's debut novel will not be released until April next year. However, the work impressed the New Regency production company so much that the management has already decided to buy out the rights to film adaptation of the book called Devils Unto Dust, according to The Tracking Board portal.

The action is set in the 1870s in West Texas and focuses on the story of 17-year-old Daisy Wilcox. Ten years ago, a terrible epidemic began to rage in the local desert. The infected attacked ordinary people, wreaking havoc and destruction. Few have managed to escape the dreaded virus. Daisy is trying with all her might to protect the brothers and sisters within the walls of the house, but one day their idler father steals a considerable amount from a local hunter, and the latter decides to collect a debt from the thief's daughter. Now Daisy, together with two men, is forced to go into the desert in search of her father, but this area is too dangerous, and not everyone gets out of here alive.

Western and horror are intertwined in the original work, so the future film adaptation is described as a mix of the tapes "28 Days Later" and "Iron Grip." The director and screenwriter for the project have not yet been found, but it is already known that Nira Park ("Armageddian") and Arnon Milchen ("The Survivor") will be producing it.


“From time to time, you come across material that you just freeze when you get to know it. Emma's book is one of those, and we are overjoyed to be able to adapt it for large screens. Daisy is an interesting heroine who never gives up. The scene of the novel is also very unusual ”, - said Nira Park.

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Author: Jake Pinkman