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Paramount will make Daisy Ridley a spy

Image As the information portal Deadline found out, Paramount has acquired the rights to film adaptation of Sonia Pernell's book A Woman of No Importance with an eye to the fact that the main role Daisy Ridley will perform in the upcoming film.

The project is produced by the company Bad Robot JJ Abrams, but the director and scriptwriter for the film has not yet been found.

The original is a biography of a wealthy American woman Virginia Hall , who was also a high-class spy. The girl dreamed of being in the ranks of those who serve the American government, but she constantly heard refusal because of her gender and physical disability - once she lost her leg while hunting. During World War II, Hall began working for the British. She managed to conduct successful reconnaissance activities, moving on a wooden prosthesis. After the end of the war, Virginia was nevertheless accepted into the staff of the CIA .


After The Force Awakens, Hollywood producers peppered Daisy Ridley with interesting suggestions. The actress completed filming for the eighth episode of Star Wars and is currently busy working on a new Murder on the Orient Express. Future projects of Daisy also include Treads of Chaos, The Lost Wife, Kolma and Ophelia.

The Topic of Article: Paramount will make Daisy Ridley a spy.
Author: Jake Pinkman