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Oil Hero and Duelist Mercenary: Watch This Week

Image At the end of the first month of autumn, our distributors prepared only four premieres for film fans. Apparently, they expect that due to the lack of decent alternatives, the audience will rush to the session of the domestic "Duelist" , but those who follow the news of the cinema have long been waiting for the release of the disaster film The Deep One horizon " . It seems that it is precisely this that can be called the very alternative for everyone who, for some reason, does not want to support USA filmmakers with rubles.

Deepwater Horizon is a true-life drama about a monstrous accident on the giant oil platform Deepwater Horizon . On April 20, 2010, 126 oil workers went to work, but not everyone succeeded in returning home to their wives and children in the evening: the platform exploded, caught fire, sank, killed 11 people and caused the largest environmental disaster in US history to date. The film is directed by Peter Berg (Hancock) and stars Mark Wahlberg, Dylan O'Brien, Kurt Russell, John Malkovich and Kate Hudson.

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The trailer presents us with a friendly team of real hard workers who are working hard to ensure that a huge well-coordinated mechanism does not fail. But when nature itself bursts into your workspace in the form of unstoppable flows of oil and destroys everything in its path, you can only count on the goodwill of fate, as well as on the professionalism and courage of each of the participants in this tragic event ...


If you still have a glimmer of hope for the consistency of contemporary USA cinema, try going to the Duelist drama. The film by Alexei Mizgirev, the script of which he wrote on his own, tells about a man who duels his living. He is not afraid of death, and there are more than enough people who want to find him clients in St. Petersburg in 1860. Some of our critics have already seen this picture and were more than satisfied. In their opinion, the project Mizgirev can be called a piece goods: for all the gloom in "The Duelist" there is a special charm in the form of steampunk elements, rare attention to detail and an exciting plot, and a precise the hit of Peter Fedorov, Vladimir Mashkov and Yulia Khlynina in their role makes the film integral and even impressive.

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Fans of American comedy in the next room will be waiting for Zach Galifianakis, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Owen Wilson. This wonderful cast will present you with a movie called Instigators about loser robbers who left a bunch of evidence at the scene and are now trying to fix the situation in a rather clumsy manner. The official description of the project by director Jared Hess states that this action-comedy is based on real events. Judging by the trailer, "Instigators" is actually a standard of the genre - shooting and chases are interspersed with jokes below the belt, and famous Hollywood comedians work out their fees 100% in the images of narrow-minded but desperate adventurers.


And finally, for connoisseurs of European cinema, the French fantastic melodrama Love and Penguins with Guillaume Canet and Charlotte Le Bon in the lead roles will open in our cinemas. According to the plot, a modest laboratory worker, in love with a brilliant professor, decides to attract his attention by injecting herself with an experimental drug. The professor, of course, will immediately throw down his test tubes and begin to observe the girl, perhaps not only with scientific interest. Unfortunately, the nature of the medicine he invented is such that the main character now runs the risk of turning into a penguin ...

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