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USAn Box Office: Duelist won a week of sluggish starts

Image Last weekend for domestic distributors passed under the sign of double failure - both of the main novelties of the weekend did not live up to even the most modest expectations of analysts. Because of this, the total box office of the twenty most financially successful films looks meager - only 483 million rubles . they were able to earn by joint efforts. First of all, the distributors were summed up by the ambitious and by USA standards expensive pseudo-historical drama " Duelist ". The 725 million film by Alexey Mizgirev , judging by the advertising campaign, was designed primarily for the older audience and practically did not interest young people.

This miscalculation turned out to be sideways to the creators, as it resulted in a modest 156 million rubles . The film, which, according to the most pessimistic forecasts of experts, should have earned at least 300-400 million rubles . at the start, now, with all desire, can not be called a blockbuster. Although the authors of the project clearly hoped for profit, turning a blind eye to the veracity of the story for the sake of entertainment and entertainment of the tape. But this can hardly be attributed to the reasons for the failure of " The Duelist " - critics have received very positive reviews about him.


But the indicators of attendance of sessions of the picture eloquently declare: somewhere the advertisers have miscalculated. The brainchild of Mizgirev and producer Alexander Rodnyansky, reminiscent of a trilogy about the adventures of Erast Fandorin in the way of presenting the story and visual embodiment, could have become successful, but is content with results equal to the fees of the also unfairly ignored military drama "Battalion" ( 154.7 million rubles. ), while not reaching the "Admiral" ( 285 million rubles. ), the sequel "DukhLess" ( 231 million rubles. ), "Battle of Sevastopol" ( 209 million rubles. ) and even more so “Crew” ( 501 million rubles. ).

Nevertheless, distributors are not sounding the alarm so far - although their hopes were not justified, they still hope that the project will gain momentum, good criticism and word of mouth will work into its hands, which will surely convey to a younger audience the fact that “ The Duelist "is handsome, dynamic, has a non-trivial plot, although it cannot boast of an abundance of action and a reliable picture of the era.

ImageLast week we talked about the fierce battle for first place, which was the animated comedy " Storks " and the western "The Magnificent Seven". At the end of eleven days at the box office, it turned out that the remake of Antoine Fuqua very quickly lost interest of the audience. Its fall was so precipitous that this time around, the film didn't even race to the top 5. But his yesterday's competitor managed not only to stay on the second line of the rating, but also to correct his deplorable financial situation.

The next week of rental brought the cartoon Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland another 70.6 million rubles , and in total he earned 198 million rub . Considering that the closest competitor in the niche is “Kubo. The Legend of the Samurai "- will be released on the screens of the country only in the twenties of October, there will be no one to fight for the family audience in the near future. This does not guarantee that the cartoon, which did not meet the expectations of the Warner Bros. company, will receive big returns, but it certainly will be in the top five most successful films.

And again, genre uncertainty and, as a result, misunderstanding of their target audience led to the loss of funds that could have been rescued. We are talking about the disaster film " Deep Sea Horizon ", which, despite the popularity of the genre among domestic film fans, started only from third place. Neither a strong cast, including popular celebrities such as John Malkovich, Kurt Russell, Mark Wahlberg and Dylan O'Brien, nor the dramatic real-life story behind the script, saved Peter Berg's project .


In his starting period, he was able to get from the USAs only 70 million rubles. - slightly less than " Storks " for the second weekend. More recently, the same result was demonstrated by the drama "Miracle on the Hudson" ( 64 million rubles. ). For comparison, the film And The Storm Burst, which opened at the beginning of this year, reached the amount of 116.8 million rubles on its debut weekend. At the same time, reviewers speak warmly about the tape. Most of them agree that it is difficult to shoot a deep, respectful to the tragedy of real people, despising any pathos and taking a soul to the film with the unrelenting desire of Hollywood producers for profit. Peter Berg succeeded, however, apparently, the concepts of "disaster film" and "restraint in the presentation of history" in the minds of the audience are incompatible.

Fourth and fifth places were taken by two comedies. Ahead was the domestic film from Alexander Nezlobin , because, obviously, one's own shirt is closer to the body. Gradually descending lower and lower in the top, “ Groom ” replenished its cashier with 43 million rubles. role looks pretty decent. 437 million rubles. are on the account of this pass-through product of the USA film industry.


And our review ends with another, completely lost, rental newcomer. The release of the crime comedy " Instigators ", half of whose cast migrated from the recently discouraged remake of "Ghostbusters", has been repeatedly postponed. Now that Jared Hess has made it to theaters, it's clear why. You have to manage to make the bright modern stars of the genre and good stand-up artists unfunny.

Of course, the collection of " Instigators " ( 38 million rubles. ) cannot be called disappointing: about the same amount the audience of "Spy One and a Half" ( 43 million rubles.) and "Very bad mothers" ( 39 million rubles ). However, everyone knows that this is far from the limit for representatives of the comedy genre.

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