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WB seduces Justin Lin with Akira

Image Entertainment portal Popcorn Talk Network reports that Warner Bros. may have found a new director for the adaptation of Akira . The film based on the cult manga, which Hollywood has been trying to adapt since 2002, could be led by the director of "Star Trek: Infinity" and several "Fast and Furious" Justin Lin .

The original graphic story takes place in New Tokyo, a city built on the ruins of a capital that was destroyed by a nuclear explosion. A teenage biker Tetsuo encounters a child-medium and becomes a psychic as a result of the incident. It soon turns out that his supernatural abilities are comparable to the powers of a mutant named Akira , who destroyed the Japanese metropolis. The doctors and the military are planning a meeting between the two unique people, but once it happened, it will not go according to their plan ...

Published from 1982 to 1990. The manga was eventually published in six volumes, and in 1988 an anime based on Akira was filmed, which later played an important role in popularizing the genre in the West. In the 14 years that have passed since the acquisition of Warner Bros. the rights to the Hollywood adaptation, Steven Norrington, Rory Robinson and Albert Hughes managed to direct the tape. It was planned that the western adaptation, unlike the eastern one, will consist of two parts, each of which will reveal three volumes of the manga.


It is reported that the film adaptation of Akira by Lin may follow other collaborations between the director and Warner Bros. The planned comedy of Justin will go into production first. "Space Jam 2", and only after that the studio bosses will try to drag the filmmaker into their hitherto unlucky long-term construction.

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Author: Jake Pinkman