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Warner Bros. launches Akira Movie


Warner Bros. Film Company gave the green light a full-length version of the popular Japanese anime Akira. It is reported by the Variety edition. It is assumed that the main role in the movie will be played by Garrett Hedlund, known to viewers from the movie Tron: Legacy.

The manga, which was previously animated in the movie, takes place after the Third World War. A member of a biker gang named Tetsuo encounters a strange mutant child, and becomes the owner of supernatural powers.

The military is trying to isolate Tetsuo, fearing that he could cause a cataclysm, which was once staged by another young man named Akira cryosleep in a top-secret underground bunker.

The budget for the new movie adaptation is $ 90 million. The action of the picture will not take place in Neo-Tokyo, as in the original, but in New Manhattan. Filming is due to start in February 2012.

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Author: Jake Pinkman