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Warner Bros. wants to assign Akira Justin Lin


Warner Bros. Film Studio did not completely abandon her plans to movie the popular Japanese manga "Akira". In any case, this is evidenced by the ongoing search for a director for a feature movie based on the comics.

As evidenced by the publication ScreenRant, the studio is trying to bring in the creator of several episodes of "Fast and the Furious" Justin Lean. The action of the manga, which has already become the basis for the animated movie, takes place after the Third World War. In the center of the plot is a biker named Tetsuo, who encounters a strange mutant child and becomes the owner of superhuman abilities. Soon Tetsuo is in the field of view of the military, who, fearing that he could cause a cataclysm, once arranged by another young man named Akira, try to isolate him.

Recall that Warner Bros. tried to start movieing "Akira" for many years. For some time it was believed that the main role would be assigned to Garett Hedlund, familiar to the audience from the movie "Tron: Legacy". However, in 2012, the studio closed all work within the project.

As for Justin Lean, Warner Bros. intends to entrust the director with another movie project - "Space Jam 2", which will be a continuation of the popular comedy.

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Author: Jake Pinkman