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Sarik Andreasyan watched the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Image Next February the film Sarik Andreasyan "The Defenders" will be released, which has been nicknamed the USA response to "The Avengers" and "Suicide Squad" on the Internet. Despite the fact that many film critics are rather skeptical about the prospects for the box office of a domestic blockbuster with a price tag of 380 million rubles, the director has already found a number of new projects for himself.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter , Andreasyan shared his creative plans at the USA Film Market taking place these days. He began his speech with a request to remove his name from the database of leading film portals, and then presented to the public a 35-minute excerpt from " Defenders ".

Sarik also showed viewers concept art for two of his new projects. The first of them will be a cinematic universe based on the works of Alexander Belyaev. The franchise should be launched by a picture with the working title " The Chosen ", in which Ichthyander , the head of Professor Dowell , Professor Wagner will unite against the forces of evil , Ariel and other characters in the books of the Soviet science fiction writer. The concept of the project is painfully reminiscent of the critically-smashed Hollywood blockbuster League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which put an end to Sir Sean Connery's film career.


Sarik intends to launch " The Chosen " into production in 2018. Andreasyan's plan is extremely insidious: the filmmakers will not have to pay for the use of images of famous literary heroes, since next year the works of Belyaev will finally go into the public domain.

Another answer to Hollywood promises to be the prequel " The Bremen Town Musicians ". In visual terms, the tape based on the fairy tale of the same name will have to resemble The Jungle Book, The Adventures of Paddington and Alice in Wonderland. The first concept arts of the project make it clear that The Beatles will be taken as the basis for the images of the traveling musicians.


The Defenders will premiere on February 23 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman