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Sarik Andreasyan will save humanity

Image This year, Sarik Andreasyan delighted the audience with the domestic version of The Avengers - the blockbuster Defenders. The tape collected a lot of derogatory reviews among moviegoers, critics smashed it to smithereens, calling it dull, and at the box office the film did not show the results that the producers expected.

To the great joy of fans of USA cinema, the sequel "Defenders" Andreasyan is not going to shoot yet, but he is planning another large-scale project in cooperation with the Australian company Arclight Films . future films of which include the drama Hotel Mumbai with Dev Patel and the action movie Jungle with Daniel Radcliffe.

The action of the new film Andreasyan will unfold on the post-apocalyptic Earth, where deadly creatures are constantly harassing and torturing people. A group of men led by Cassius decides that the time has come to fight back the creatures and save what remains of humanity.


The shooting of the new film will take place in USA and China, and the production functions will be shared by Gary Hamilton ("The Last Knights"), Ing I ("In Exile"), Mike Gabravi ("Tsunami 3D") and Andreasyan himself .

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Author: Jake Pinkman