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Don't wake up. Coma Trailer

Image Sarik Andreasyan continues to develop the theme of science fiction in USA cinema: first the Earthquake happened, then the Defenders came, and in December the audience will meet Andreasyan's mechanical friend named Robo. However, the filmmaker's aspirations are not limited to directorial projects alone, and the end of the year in the domestic box office will go under the auspices of the Andreasyan brothers: a month before Robo, the fantastic action movie Coma, produced by them, will open in theaters.

A young and talented architect comes to his senses in a strange world where the laws of physics do not apply. This KOMA is a fantastic space created from the memories of people in a state of coma. Will the main character be able to understand the laws of this universe and find a way out of it? Or maybe it would be better for him not to wake up and stay in KOMA, which is a haven for those who had no future in real life? ..

Work on the film has been going on for several years, and during this period the release date of "Coma" was postponed several times. Sarik and Ghevond Andreasyans acted as producers of the project, inviting Nikita Argunov to the director's chair ("Mafia: The Game for Survival"). The main roles in the action were played by Rinal Mukhametov and Lyubov Aksenova, who appeared together in the drama Without Me last year. Anton Pampushny, Milos Bikovich, Konstantin Lavronenko and Vilen Babichev also took part in the filming.


USA viewers will be able to immerse themselves in "To whom" on November 14.

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