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The Great Onegin

Image Director, screenwriter and producer of the comedies "Pregnant", "He's still Carloson!" and "What Men Do!" Sarik Andreasyan will swing at Alexander, you know, our Pushkin. A Stakhanovite of USA cinema will film Eugene Onegin in the spirit of Hollywood's The Great Gatsby.

I want to film Onegin, preserving the era, but making it in a modern manner,” Andreasyan said. -Shooting, music - everything is modern, but with the preservation of the era. Now we are writing the script - very slowly, scrupulously, because there are a lot of nuances. It's still Pushkin ... In Onegin there are no dialogues, and people should talk.

Now we are trying to find a balance so that the film is also educational, that is, in line with what we read in school, and so that it does not offend those who love this great work. It's a little complicated, but everyone knows this story, the mental code. Everyone will want to see her. This should be done so subtly so as not to call a hate, so that they do not say that they are again encroaching on the holy. ”


Andreasyan has already tried to film our response to Hollywood, but his fantastic action movie The Defenders came out as just a weak parody of Marvel's Avengers. Let's see if Sarik can compete with Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby. The director will start shaking the Film Foundation for financial support next year.

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