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The shooter is ready to go to TV

Image High-budget film adaptations of famous book series quite often come under a barrage of crushing criticism from literature lovers. Leading Hollywood studios are so keen to rely on entertainment that they completely ignore the disclosure of the characters' characters. Unsurprisingly, more and more writers are opting for their heroes to be sent to small screens.

Ron Howard proposed an elegant solution to the problem a few years ago. The winner of two Oscars awards thought audiences would get a decent adaptation of Stephen King's cult saga The Dark Tower only if, in addition to the feature film series, a television TV series.

Since that time, the project has managed to change the studio, but, fortunately for the connoisseurs of the King of Horrors , the Sony Pictures management did not abandon the ideas of Howard . The start of a large-scale media franchise will be given in a couple of weeks, when the " Dark Tower " tape will be released. In a new interview with Deadline , scriptwriter and producer Akiva Goldsman made it clear that the series' television companion is ready to go to work.


We have the script for the first episode in our hands, said Goldsman . -We look forward to implementing Ron Howard's original vision . Ten years ago, his plan was truly revolutionary, but since then other studios have also started doing something similar ... Idris Elba has already signed up to participate in the TV project. The series will tell the backstory of Arrow and will be based on the fourth book of the series - “ The Wizard and the Crystal”.


If The Dark Tower manages to launch confidently at the box office, the series could go into production in the coming months. One of the most anticipated films of this year will hit the screens of USA cinemas on August 3 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman