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McConaughey may go in search of the Dark Tower

Image Last August, it became known that Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar) had received an invitation to join the cast of Confrontation. As it became known to journalists The Wrap , at the moment the winner of the " Oscar " is considering the proposal of the creators of another film adaptation of Stephen King - " The Dark Tower ".

As with Confrontation , McConaughey is free to choose his own side in the story of the struggle between good and evil. Initially, the actor was asked to play the main character of the book series - Roland Descene , but during the negotiations McConaughey showed interest in the role of Man in Black . It is curious that the image of the same antagonist of the universe King of Horrors was offered to the actor by the creators of " Confrontation ".


Confrontation is being handled by Warner Bros. , while The Dark Tower is supported by Sony . It has yet to be revealed whether the Hollywood major bosses are willing to make a deal to give McConaughey the opportunity to play the villain in both King adaptations.


Attempts to bring the characters of " The Dark Tower " to the big screen began a few years ago, when Ron Howard was about to lead the project. In April this year, it became known that the long-awaited film adaptation of the cult book series has finally received funding. Three months later, Nikolai Arcel took over the director's chair for the first film in the planned franchise, who will direct the script by Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner. The plot of the tape will be based on the first book of the King novel cycle - " Shooter ". Sony will be responsible for the production of the film series, while MRC will oversee the series based on the The Dark Tower .


The film is scheduled to premiere on 12 January 2017 .

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