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The Dark Tower is coming to TV

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In February next year, one of the most famous Hollywood long-term construction will reach cinemas - the adaptation of Stephen King's book series "The Dark Tower ". For several years, the project was in the hands of the studio Universal and the Oscar-winning Ron Howard, who planned to shoot a trilogy and a series that would be shown on TV in between feature-length releases. Since that moment, the adaptation of the cult work King of Horror managed to go under the wing of Sony , whose management did not share with the audience its long-running plans for the franchise.

The director's chair of the film was taken by Nikolai Arsel, and Howard was given the post of producer. In an interview with Deadline Ron finally delighted King fans with the information that “ The Dark Tower ” does not want to squeeze to the format of one or two films. “We are currently developing the television part of this project, admitted Howard . -We do not know yet on which platform it will be implemented. With the help of the series, we hope to fully reveal the characters of the characters. ”


It is not excluded that the final decision on the transformation of " The Dark Tower " into a large-scale media franchise will be made in case of success in the distribution of the tape Arcel . It is worth noting that the leading actors, Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, already have successful experience in television.

Howard also made it clear that the upcoming film will be a kind of sequel to the book series. “Akiva Goldsman gave me the idea to bring the characters from“ The Dark Tower ”to the screens,” said the producer. -At that moment we were working on Mind Games. It turned out that the rights to adapt the novels belong to JJ Abrams. He had so many projects on hand that he decided to hand over the “ The Dark Tower ” to us. When we presented our ideas to Stephen King , we had the idea to introduce the horn Elda into the first chapter of the story. It seemed to us that this would allow us to use the key elements of the books in completely new combinations. The adaptation will remain true to the spirit of the original, but the narrative will be changed”.


The USA premiere of " The Dark Tower " will take place on 23 February 2017 .

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Author: Jake Pinkman