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The US Box Office sang along with the rebels

Image Without much difficulty, the first spin-off of the Star Wars universe held its leading position in the North American box office. Last weekend ( December 23-26 ), US residents celebrated Christmas, and therefore distributors tried to roll out as many new products as possible. Not all of the debutants managed to show good results, and no one could get close to the achievements of " Rogue One ".

The blockbuster, directed by Gareth Edwards , has earned another $ 96.1 million and is home to $ 318.1 million . If we add to them the $ 237.4 million raised outside the United States, then we get an impressive amount of $ 555.5 million . And the film achieved this result in just two weeks at the box office.

Thanks to his work on Godzilla, Edwards has become adept at creating large-scale special effects, which was very useful to him on the set of Rogue One . Visually, the picture turned out to be exciting, and the nostalgic fans of Star Wars of the spin-off liked The Force Awakens much more.


Almost half the size of the star rebels was able to collect the animals dreaming of glory - the new animated film " Beast " earned $ 56.1 million in its first weekend. In general, the studio Universal hoped for this kind of return from the cartoon. There is still a New Year weekend ahead of Garth Jennings , and in the near future it will probably more than pay off its production budget ( $ 75 million ).


From moviegoers Zveropoy earned an excellent A rating on the CinemaScore site, the opinions of critics were divided. Some have appreciated this cute cartoon, which, although it does not bring morality to the masses, gives the audience a good mood. However, others saw in the simplicity and stupidity of the picture its main drawback - if the musical component of the tape turned out to be at its best, then the plot is frankly lame.

The third line of the financial rating was taken by the sci-fi film " Passengers ". Oscar nominated for Game of Imitation by Morten Tildum made its box office debut much worse than Sony expected. The major hoped that his new brainchild would start from the $ 30-40 million mark, but viewers brought only $ 23.1 million to the tape's piggy bank. Considering that the budget of the drama was $ 110 million , such a start can hardly be called successful.


The audience did not appreciate the efforts of Tildum either - they gave the film an average rating of B . Reviewers also received the film quite coolly, saying that the director relied less on the script, but on the interaction of Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. If we consider "Passengers" to be just science fiction, then the tape is devoid of individuality, and if we evaluate it as a melodrama, it will seem too unconvincing in the end.


The fourth position is occupied by another debutant of the box office, the comedy " Why him? ". The film, starring James Franco and Brian Cranston, grossed $ 16.7 million in its first weekend, but has not received very good reviews from the professional community. Critics were upset by the fact that talents like Cranston and Franco wereted energy on filming a mediocre project. However, it is good news that the film John Hamburg is still better than most of the comedies that went to the screens this year.

Closing the top 5 box office picture " Assassin's Creed " - the film starring Michael Fassbender did not manage to escape the evil rock that haunted most video game adaptations. Disappointing reviews and a very small start-up amount - only $ 15 million - do not contribute to the fact that film adaptations of games become a new trend in the film industry.


The main drawback of the film by Justin Kurzel is called the plot by critics - it turned out to be complicated and stupid at the same time. As a result, Assassin's Creed boasts a visual picture and, in fact, Fassbender itself, brightening up this two-hour action. If things don't improve next weekend, the film is unlikely to recoup its $ 125 million budget.

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Author: Jake Pinkman