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Benicio del Toro prepares to meet the Predator

Image Work on the new part of the " Predator " franchise has been going on for several years. In July, rumors surfaced that the lead role in the project of the studio 20th Century Fox could be played by James Franco, but this information was never confirmed.

Now the site The Hollywood Reporter writes that negotiations for the starring role in Predator are being held by Benicio del Toro . Insiders report that studio management began to look closely at the actor several months ago, but the main stumbling block was Benicio 's busy work schedule. All differences have now been settled, and Fox is ready to start filming in February next year.

The director's chair for the film is given to Shane Black, who wrote the screenplay with Fred Decker. The details of the new part are still kept secret, but, according to Black , the picture promises to be a grandiose blockbuster.


Del Toro continues to take part in the filming of large-scale film series - he played The Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy, and next year will appear in the eighth episode of Star Wars. In addition, the actor will star in the sequel to Assassins, which will focus on Alejandro - the character of Benicio from the first film.

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Author: Jake Pinkman