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Casting: Predator's replacement and Air's addition

Image In September, we reported that Benicio del Toro claimed the lead role in the reboot of Predator , but the actor still pulled out of the project due to a busy shooting schedule. As the website Variety writes, del Toro is ready to replace Boyd Holbrook .

The new Predator is directed by Shane Black (Goodfellas) and written by Fred Decker (Platoon of Monsters). At the same time, the details of the plot of the reboot are kept secret, and therefore it is unclear who exactly will be played by Holbrook . The original, we recall, told about a detachment of commandos that faced a bloodthirsty creature of extraterrestrial origin in the jungles of Central America.

Predator will be released worldwide on February 9, 2018 .


To TV fans Boyd Holbrook is well known for the crime drama "Barygi" ( Narcos ), and next year the actor will appear as a villain in the blockbuster "Logan".

Justin Theroux ("Mulholland Drive") is filming the sci-fi thriller The Dumb , where he will join Paul Rudd and Alexander Skarsgard. Duncan Jones ("Warcraft") took the director's chair of the film, he also co-wrote the film script with Michael Robert Johnson ("Pompeii").


The events take place in Berlin, which in the future has turned into a city of immigrants, where the worlds of East and West confront each other. The main character is a dumb bartender ( Skarsgard ), who goes in search of the missing woman. The investigation leads him into the underworld, and the only clue may be possessed by a couple of strange surgeons from America.

Lucy Fry ("11.22.63" / 11.22.63 ) has joined the cast of David Eyre's fantasy action movie Bright . Will Smith, Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace have previously signed up for the filming.


In the center of the film will be a man ( Smith ) and an orc ( Edgerton ), who must circle cops, criminals and magical creatures in order to protect the magic wand./ i>It is noteworthy that so far the picture Ayr is the most expensive film project of the video service Netflix , since $ 90 million has been allocated for its production.

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Author: Jake Pinkman