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James Franco can fight the Predator

Image This fall, director Shane Black expects to begin filming a new installment of the Predator franchise. In March, the director admitted that the sequel to the cult sci-fi action movie of 1987 will be a massive blockbuster, and recently he announced that the main character of the film will be named Quinn McKenna . This is where first-hand information ends, which is why a lot of rumors of varying degrees of credibility have appeared around the project of the studio 20th Century Fox . Some insiders wooed rapper Fifty Sant for the key role, while others did not rule out that Black would return the star of the original film - Arnold Schwarzenegger to the screens.

Now the hosts of the popular podcast Meet The Movie Press claim that one of Hollywood's largest actor recruiting agencies, CAA , is actively promoting for the lead role in “ The Predator >" James Franco (" 11.22.63 "/ 11.22.63 ). Rumor has it that Fox is not averse to continuing their successful collaboration with the actor. Franco already has the experience of filming her large-scale blockbuster "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", and recently he completed work on another major project - the comedy "Why Him?", Which is quite capable of becoming a hit in the upcoming New Year holidays.


Representatives of the studio and the actor have not yet commented on these rumors. With the Black production team expecting to start work in September, the official Predator cast may be unveiled to the public very soon.

The famous alien hunter will appear on USA screens on February 8, 2018 .

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