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Image Now Benedict Cumberbatch is an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe . The actor has many other significant roles in films, but the Sherlock star is not going to say goodbye to television. As Deadline has learned, Cumberbatch intends to star in the miniseries Melrose ( Melrose ).

The new project will be based on the semi-biographical novels by Edward St. Aubin. Each episode of the series will be an adaptation of a separate work from the cycle, and the drama will unfold in different time periods - from New York in the 60s to Britain in the early 21st century. Cumberbatch will play Patrick Melrose - an aristocratic and cheerful playboy who is haunted by the demons of the past. The show will tell about the details of the life of Patrick , who was abused by an abusive father as a child, while his mother remained indifferent to what was happening. Subsequently, all this resulted in drug problems and incessant attempts to get rid of addiction.

Adapted by original literary source David Nicholls (One Day) and produced by Showtime and Sky Atlantic . It is curious that a few years ago in an interview for Reddit Cumberbatch admitted that if he were to choose between various literary characters, he would like to play Patrick Melrose .


However, the actor's plans are not limited to the mini-series Showtime . Cumberbatch will also star in the TV movie "A Child in Time" based on the novel by Ian McEwen, and will reincarnate Doctor Strange in the blockbusters Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War.

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