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Benedict Cumberbatch announced his engagement


The British newspaper The Times published a private announcement of the engagement of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter in the November 5, 2014 issue.

Although the BBC star Sherlock and his representatives refrain from any comments, the newspaper published a note with the followingcontent:"The engagement is hereby announced between Benedict, son of Wanda and Timothy Cumberbatch from London and Sophie, daughter of Katherine Hunter from Edinburgh and Charles Hunter from London."

It is believed that Cumberbatch met with theater director Sophie Hunter for several months. Rumors that they were a couple first leaked out in June this year.

In an interview last year with The Hollwood Reporter, Cumberbatch, discussing the differences between himself and his hero Sherlock in matters of relationships, he said: "I do not have his ability to separate everything. I am tormented by questions:" He really wanted to have children, but now he doesn't want to? Something went wrong? Is he gay? Does he know how to strike up a relationship? "In general, all this is speculation. The moment came when I decided that I said everything I had to say."

The news of Cumberbatch's engagement resonated with a huge number of Twitter users on links with the old-fashioned manner of advertising it through the newspaper.

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