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Batman found a new foe?

Image The recently released trailer for the movie " Justice League: Part 1 " pretty much fueled the interest of comic book fans in the upcoming superhero action movie, and today the performer of the role of Batman Ben Affleck fans of graphic novels one more gift. A 27-second video appeared on the actor's twitter, showing the villain from the DC universe - Deathstroke . Video can only mean one thing: the latter will soon appear on screens in new films in the MCU.

Deathstroke is a powerful antagonist whose real name is Slade Wilson . The experimental project turned a former soldier into a murder weapon: the newly-minted villain gained superhuman strength and intelligence, as well as the ability to regenerate. In comics, Wilson most often crossed the path of Green Arrow , and a few years ago, as expected, he appeared in the television series "Arrow" ( Arrow ), for a long time becoming one of the most invincible opponents of Oliver Queen .

According to the information portal The Wrap , the character will be the main opponent of Batman in the upcoming solo film about The Dark Knight , and announced by Affleck The video most likely suggests that Slade will also be seen in the first part of Justice League . Comic book fans have already assumed that the character is played by Julian Lewis Jones, a member of Zach Snyder's project, whose role has not yet been made public. The League is filming in London right now and is slated for release on November 16, 2017 .


If in the next movie about Batman his main enemy really becomes Deathstroke , he will overtake another expected villain of the tape - Joker . Jared Leto, the new performer of the role of Mr. Jay , has already expressed a desire to face the law enforcement officer on the streets of Gotham again.

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Author: Jake Pinkman